The after school activities provided are rotated according to the season, availability of sports coaches and the demand from the pupils.


Lunchtimes    12.30-1.00    Choir Club    Years 2-6    FREE

Lunchtimes    12.30-1.00    Reading Club    Years R-6    FREE

Monday    3.30-4.30    Art Club    Years R-2    £2.00 per session

Tuesday    3:30-4:30    KS1 Sports Club    Years R-2    FREE

Tuesday    3.30-4.30    Fungineers Club    Years 3-6    £2.00 per session

Thursday    3:30-4:30    Gardening Club    Years 1-6    £2.00 per session (limited spaces)

Friday    3:30-4:30    KS2 Sports Club   Years 3-6    FREE

Monday-Friday    8:00-8:45    Breakfast Club with Mrs Saunders    Years R-6    £2.00 per session

Monday-Friday    8:30-8:45    Early Birds with Mrs Saunders    Years R-6    £1.00 per session


Breakfast Club and Early Birds require 24 working hours notice to ensure adequate staffing is in place.

If you would like your child to join a club please email the School Office;


We are very pleased and hugely proud of our Gardening Club for achieving a 5 Star Award from the Royal Horticultural Society!