SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disability

The ethos of Clunbury CE (A) Primary School is one which welcomes all children. We do not discriminate against pupils with physical or sensory disabilities or learning difficulties. Clunbury ensures that all pupils have equal access with their peers to participate in all aspects of school life and the curriculum. We recognise that children learn at different rates and it is our intention that each child will develop their full potential.
In order to ensure this, the school:

  • promotes the early identification of a child’s specific needs to provide them with the most appropriate help available within the school
  • puts in place programmes of work which enable all children to make progress
  • operates a system of assessment and regular monitoring of each child’s progress
  • provides the most appropriate help available for those children whose level of ability is exceptional for their age
  • informs and consults with parents on a regular basis on the progress of their child/ren and offers support to those parents who have children with special educational needs, and
  • provides specific training for staff and governors

The school’s policy on special educational needs sets out the provision which is offered and can be viewed on the school’s website, or a copy obtained from the school office. This encompasses all levels from pupils who require differentiated support in the classroom to those who have a statement of special educational needs. The effectiveness of provision in terms of pupil outcomes is regularly reviewed by governors and the local authority and our provision has been assessed as ‘good’.

SEND Offer 2018-19

SEND Policy 2017

To find out more about local services available to children with special needs, please visit these websites:

Shropshire Council – Local Offer

Shropshire Council – The SEND Local Offer