School Visits

As a school we take every opportunity to participate in area sporting and musical activities. Where necessary, extra practices are held during breaks or after school.

The school arranges a residential course, every year for KS2 in a variety of places including PGL condover, Staylittle in Powys and camping in the local area.

Other activities include:

  • visits in the local area, including the church
  • swimming lessons at Lucton School
  • visiting other local schools for other activities
  • visits to support the curriculum

School TripsTransport for trips will be either by hired coach, parents’ or staff cars. Parents and staff transporting pupils need to confirm they hold the appropriate fully comprehensive insurance cover and their cars are properly licensed and have a current MOT certificate. Teachers or other staff supervises each trip with the assistance of other adults (coaches) and/or parents.

Parents are asked to signify their consent to their children taking part in the local visits on the admission/personal information form completed when your child is admitted to the school.

Longer outings are dealt with separately. Detailed information about the trip and consent forms are sent to the parents concerned at the planning stage. Where we think it wise to take out personal accident cover or any other insurance the cost will be included in the overall costs of the trip.